Airlift Lash Lifts

Nail Envy Harrogate

Airlift Lash Lifts are available at our Beauty Salon

Gravity Defying Lashes treatment lifts, extends and tints the lashes, straightening them at the root for an instant fuller effect and high-impact look.

About Airlift: A natural lash enhancement

- creating thicker, fuller, longer defined



Defined lashes for: Up to eight


This treatment is low in

maintenance and is ideal

for those that do not have the

time to maintain eyelash

extensions but desire fuller longer


Benefits of Airlift lash lift

  • Instant high impact results

  • Defined lashes for upto 8 weeks

  • Transforming make up routines with no need for mascara

  • A natural lash enhancement - creating thicker, fuller, longer, defined lashes

  • A jaw - dropping look on even the shortest lashes


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